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Green Manure , 'Autumn / Winter' Ground Cover Mix (Sow into late Autumn)

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22 sq. mtr Approx, This is late autumn sowing winter mix of green manure products tailored for use in the winter and will return minerals to the soil in Spring when dug in. The mix includes Crimson & White Clover (for weed control), Italian Annual non-invasive Grazing Rye (to break up heavy soil, bringing nutritional minerals up to the surface), White Tilney Mustard (to cleanse the soil) and English Early Vetch (Good for weed suppression & attracting beneficial insects), All non-invasive, Coverage Approx 22 Sq. mtr

Sow Late Summer into Late Autumn while the soil still has warmth left in it. In the spring approx 3 wks before digging, cut down and leave laying ready to dig in. The nutrients held in the plants during this period are then released & become available to a newly sown or planted crop, Seed Count Approx - 50 to 60 grm

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