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Sweet Woodruff - Herb , Ladies in the Hay (Shade - Perennial)

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Galium odoratum, Woods & Shady Flowering Perennial, (14th C.) Aka: Musk of the woods,  a favourite little plant with light pinky-white flowers, growing in woods & shaded hedgebanks yet nowadays more culinary related, Fresh Mown Hay scent when cut, It increases on wilting & doesn’t fade when dry, then used strewn (like straw or hay) around for a better smelling bed chamber or room.  Also used in potpourri or as a moth deterrent. Picked in Germany for herbal teas with gentle sedative properties. A pretty, strongly scented, herbaceous, Shade / partial sun-loving. Ht: 20-30 cm with small pinky-white flowers Apr to May. Also used as a plant dye producing a light brown colour dye & the roots provide a light red. (Deer avoid eating it), Seed Count Approx - 30 to 35 avg 

  SOWING - Prefers shade, Propagate by seeds sown in prepared beds of good soil in late spring / early summer or by division of roots during the spring & early summer, just after flowering. Plant in the moist partially shaded ground, 1 ft apart

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