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Achocha Vine , Ladies slippers (Caigua) Limited Stock

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Cyclanthera pedata species, Food of the Incas - Annual (achuqcha), An Unusual and Rare Food crop grown by the Incas & of the Curcubit family, so requires similar conditions to grow. A good strong climber, up to 3 mtrs before frosts (Treat as an Annual). Fruits are an odd shape, sort of like Green Turkish shoes or Lady's Green slippers, hence the common name. Taste is like a cucumber when eaten raw & if stir-fried, like sweet green pepper. Also claimed to help lower cholesterol levels. Flowers July/Aug, Its midsummer blooms are small, white-cream and pretty unremarkable to humans, but pollinators love them (Pollinated by hoverflies). Fruit is best eaten raw or stir-fried when the shoe is under 2 cm long, so soft & tender, or leave to full size & pale yellow, then remove seed for next year's planting & stuff slipper. (maybe cream cheese?), Seed Count Approx - 5 avg

 SOWING - Best started in pots in heat Mid Spring, lightly covering them in compost. Transfer seedlings to a cool greenhouse or frost-free place to harden off. Only transplant them to their final location once the danger of frost is past. Treat as an annual, Harvesting and SAVE Seed just before the frosts, Likes a Sunny Spot & will grow in almost any soil type, provided it is well-draining.

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