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Radish , Chinese Green Luobo (Qingluobo)

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Raphanus sativus, Rare Chinese 'Cool Season' Heirloom & popular green variety from North China. The swollen & elongated taproot is a unique two-tone, Its upper half is vibrant lime green & its tapered lower half is cream coloured. (harvest between five inches & ten inches). It offers a crisp texture & is crisp, nicely hot, with a sweet & spicy flavour. High yielding. Good resistance to diseases. Delicious and tender. Best for Autumn or Early Spring production. This variety is also good for sprouts and microgreens. The entire plant is edible,, Seed Count Approx - 120 avg

 SOWING - Needs Sun, Sown 2 - 3 weeks before last frost. Plant half-inch deep & apart in rows1 foot apart. Keep thinning until one inch apart like carrots, so radishes can expand. Keep moist but not soggy until germination, then slightly moist to prevent them going pithy. Successive sow every 2 - 3 weeks through season into early summer, skip the heat or summer and sow once more in early autumn.

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