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Lettuce Leaf , Four seasons 'Cracoviensis' (Red Celtuce or Asparagus Lettuce)

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Lactuca sativa var. angustana, Hardy Red Celtuse - (Asparagus Lettuce), (Circa 1885) Also Stem Lettuce or Mak-Choi, A heirloom predating 1885 from the city of Krakow. The initial growth resembles cos lettuce with an open head of elongate, slightly savoyed, wavy lime-green leaves stamped with deep red-purple to lavender. (Vilmorin (1885) called it Red Celtuce, or Asparagus Lettuce) but after harvesting the lower leaves, it then puts up pink sweet edible tender seed stalks to 50 cm high & 4-7 cm in dia (Pick often) .. The plants are very graceful to show off like palm trees,  In China, they peel & eat the thick fleshy stems as Asparagus or stir fry or in a stew.. It's a "four-season" lettuce - very cold-hardy, Sow several times a year, Seed Count Approx - 350 avg
 SOWING - Sow in an unheated greenhouse or protected area outside, all thru the year making succession plantings every 1-2 weeks to ensure a constant harvest. Always harvest lettuce very early in the morning, Maturity 68 days Seed Depth: sow thinly and just lightly covered (5 to 10 days to emerge) Note: Lettuce will not germinate at high temperatures.

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