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Artichoke , Green Globe (circa 8th C)

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Cynara cardunculus, (circa 8th C) Originating from the Med, Perennial veg with deciduous, large, edible flower heads, deep green faintly tinged with purple & solid hearts, its Silver-green foliage & Pinecone like flower heads make this an interesting plant when grown in the ornamental garden. Herbaceous perennial to 2 mtr high (spread 5 – 6 ft), A reliable variety that can produce fine heads for eating in late Summer the 2nd season & thereafter every year. (Ready for harvest when it has reached maximum size, but before the bracts open). beneficial insects & bee plant, Seed Count Approx - 20 avg
 SOWING - Seeds: Sow under glass, Early Spring then transplants out to May/Jun. Can also be sown directly out in the beds from May, prefers a permanent, deep, rich, well-drained, alkaline soil with added compost & manure. Plant after frosts

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