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Tomato , Cherry Baby (Sweet Cherry)

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Solanum lycopersicum, Ruby Red, Round (Cordon), This offers cascading, jewel-like clusters of delectable ruby-red cherries. Tomatoes are bursting with sweetness, light, and flavour, flavour. Flavour! ‘Cherry Baby’s super productive plants soon mass up with dense clusters that are covered in loads of sweet 1 oz. cuties. Grow in a large container or in the garden, these tomatoes can place a healthy snack within arm’s reach (But save some for lunch!). Indeterminate (Cordon). 70 days, Ht: 60 inches, Seed Count Approx - 15 avg 

  SOWING - Surface-sown or covered only slightly, Don't allow to dry out but don’t overwater. Keep warm until germination (10 days approx), move to WARM bright light area. After about last frost, transplant out into protected growing pots. Plants need STAKING & side-shoots removed, Likes a real warm Spot. Great grown outside or in, in a large container or in the garden.

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