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Gourds , Bunch of Small Mixed Gremlins (non-edible)
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Gourds , Bunch of Small Mixed Gremlins (non-edible)
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Cucurbita siceraria Lagenaria, A Colourful Warted & Smooth Gourd Collection, This aptly named Gremlin Gourds mix is a blend of those smallish (5 to 7 cm across) WARTY gourds,  those that everyone who gets there first, always takes, leaving a few little green round ones as leftovers. Well Now, this blend is a mix of both types to keep it fair to all parties and these are loud, bright & bold, with Warts & Smooth stripes galore, all types of shapes & sizes, some with necks, some not, some are ugly, some stars & most just plain weird &, well anyway, you get the point.. Not generally edible because of the size etc, but not harmful if you try. Skins get veryvery  hard over time so keep almost forever. Treat as a  semi-trailing Squash, can be trained on a fence line or similar., Seed Count Approx - 8 avg
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