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Courgette , Tromboncino albenga (Swan Neck - Climbing)

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Cucurbita moschata, Swan Neck or Trombone Squash, Zucchino Rampicante - 19th Century Italy - Long, interesting-looking, swan neck shaped, Greenish-cream coloured, twisting & turning climbing fruit, bulbous one end & curled as it grows. Its trailing habit is ideal for growing up supports or over an archway & foliage is among the more distinctive in the garden, having large, attractive leaves with silvery-white variegation along their veins. When eaten young – has a tender flavour & texture (cooked or grated & eaten raw in salads) or grow larger & roast like winter squash, May be grown in containers, Seed Count Approx - 12 avg
SOWING - Likes a sunny, sheltered position & rich soil. Sow indoors Mar to April into small pots or direct insitu outdoors after frosts, Sow the seed just pushed in under the surface & when 3 to 4 in tall, move to the final growing position., Harvest courgettes at about 5 inches long; frequent harvesting keep plants producing

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