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Scorzonera duplex , 'Black Salsify or Oyster Root'

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Scorzonera hispanica, (Circa 16th c) is Also known as Purple Goat's Beard. Perennial with heads of yellow flowers closely resemble salsify in root shape & colour, but not related. The up to 12-inch root is black-skinned (white inside) & fat twiggy looking. Vigorous & fine-textured, similar to parsnip in style, with a unique flavour between artichoke hearts & Jerusalem artichokes (without the after-effects), Leaves broad or oblong & eaten as a salad green. Clean & boil for 10 mins, peel the outer skin off & serve with peas & carrots. Also popular served like asparagus in a white sauce, Seed Count Approx - 40 avg 

  SOWING - Planted insitu. Seeds can have low germination, so plant lots & thin as necessary to the most vigorous seedling. Before planting, soak in warm water for about 12 hours. Can be spring-planted & fall-harvested or can be Summer planted to overwinter

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