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Melon , Green Nutmeg Muskmelon (last of the Line)

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Cucumis melo, Cantaloupe (Circa 1830) - 83 days. (small 2 to 3 pounds) Belongs to a class of muskmelons known as “nutmeg” due to its slightly oval shape and is one of the oldest types grown in America. Fearing Burr said in 1863, "The Nutmeg Melon has long been in cultivation, and is of most delicious excellence… one of the best." It is a relatively early maturing, small to medium-size melon that has heavily netted skin and rich, sweet, delicious light mint green flesh with a wonderful aroma. Harvest fruit just before it would separate from the vine on its own, Seed Count Approx - 15 to 20 avg

 SOWING - Sow inside mid-spring into 3-in pots & standard potting compost. After two true leaves, plant out in a cold glasshouse into grow bags or well-prepared ground (inside) with organic matter. Create some support, tying the strongest shoot & pinch out the side shoots.. Create some support, tying the strongest shoot & pinch outside shoots.

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