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Lettuce Leaf , Buttercrunch (Boston Type - Butterhead)

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Lactuca sativa, Boston Type - Cut & Come again, 65 days. Classic Butterhead Lettuce variety, famous for its delicious flavour and buttery texture, Forms a small, open but tightly bunched, 6" rosette that is fan-shaped rather than round and Its soft, buttery-textured leaves enclose a crisp, juicy, loose inner head of blanched, sweet-tasting leaves with excellent heat, stress, and bolt resistance (Butterheads are slightly more tolerant of heat. Than most others) and stays mild long after others have turned bitter in the heat., Seed Count Approx - 350 avg
 SOWING - Sow seeds throughout the year in a protected position like a warm greenhouse or frames, making succession plantings every 1-2 weeks to ensure a constant harvest. fine outside in Spring & Summer & harvest about 3 to 4 inches, Sow little and often for continuity, Always harvest lettuce very early in the morning, Cut & Come Maturity 6 wks or fully in 70 days

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