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Tomato , Honeycomb - Golden Cherry (Sweet)

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Solanum lycopersicum, Exquisitely flavoured golden yellow Cherry, Original Name: 15052B (F1) - (Cordon) 70 to 80 days, Another Yorkshire bred variety, This is an exquisitely flavoured Golden Orange Cherry weighing on average 15 grams. Cascading clusters of fruit are elegantly arranged on long 30 - 35 cm trusses & a plant usually bearing 35 - 40 fruits per truss, thus 150 - 200 fruit on 5 trusses for salad bowl (less the ones you snuck when no one was looking). The exceptional flavour is a result of a high level of sweetness combined with a combination of other aromatics that result in a delightful aftertaste, somewhat like Honey. Ht: about 5 ft, Seed Count Approx - 18 avg

 SOWING - Surface-sown or covered only slightly, Don't allow to dry out but don’t overwater. Keep warm until germination (10 days approx), and move to a WARM bright light area. After about the last frost, transplant out into protected growing pots. Plants need staking & side-shoots removing. Will grow as well inside or out & not fussy about Pots or open ground, Just depends on your needs & space.


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