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English Mace (Seed) , Sweet Maudlin - Culinary Herb

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Achillea ageratum, Aromatic Perennial (Circa UK 1570's), Aka: Sweet-Nancy, A native of Italy & Spain & introduced to England in the 1570s. - ( Not to be confused with the spice 'Mace', which is the outer husk of the nutmeg), This is a member of the Achillea family. It grows into a fine (small) clump of bright green with divided/serrated aromatic leaves & long-lived flowers from mid to late summer into the autumn. Flower stems are tall & strong, ideal for a windy position & each carry masses of creamy white daisy flowers. Aromatic Leaf used for flavouring soups, rice, potato salad & also chicken dishes, Flowers can be cut for arrangements & also dry well as complete stems for winter. Ht: 30 - 45cm (12 - 18in), Seed Count Approx - 400 avg

 SOWING - Well-drained soil sunny Spot, Thinly surface sow seed, lightly covered in soil and gentle watering as the seed is very fine. Transplant out after frosts. Cuttings can be taken but ensure that you do later in the summer if the weather is still very warm, Prefers full sun, with free-draining soil or compost. Seed can be started any time of year, but best in spring, to allow time to settle.

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