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Beetroot , Crapaudine Rouge VERY OLD (Cylindrical) 'Limited Stk'

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Beta vulgaris var. crassa, (RARE) Classed as the Oldest Beet, dating back 1000 years, this true ‘French heirloom’ is a Rare biennial (2 yrs to maturity). In France, it’s Betterave Crapaudine & in English, means “female toad,” likely for its very long, bumpy, rough appearance & occasional rootlets or gnarled bumps. Its edible, tasty, leafy tops have a very distinct dark mulberry colour & its elongated, tapered shape like a carrot, has a dark, almost black, bark-like skin, and the flesh is a deep maroon, with concentric pale rings inside. A strong earthy taste & sweetness lends itself well to savoury dishes as well as desserts. Hardy in the Ground, Seed Count Approx - 30 avg 

  SOWING - Germination can be slow & erratic, Sow indoor Feb / Mar & transplant out or Sow insitu Apr / Jun, spaced at 6 in apart, Harvest Autumn up to mid-Dec. For winter crop. Sow Aug / Sept, Harvest early Spring, Avoid sowing beetroot on the freshly manured ground.

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