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Beetroot , Detroit Round 'Albino Ice WHITE'

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Beta vulgaris Alba, Unusual - (Circa 1400's Holland), A truly white Beginners Beetroot, (not fancy), this is the old standard, all-purpose beet; uniform and smooth, Unusual in its colour but very useful and high in vitamins. With a milder flavour, it’s perfect for using with fish or poultry dishes as it will not overwhelm or stain the food (doesn’t bleed when cut) & the whole plant is edible. The curled green foliage also makes this a colourful addition for Baby Leaf or cooked as spinach when grown on. (55 - 60 days). Each beet seed produces 2 to 6 plants., Seed Count Approx - 50 to 60 avg

 SOWING - Seeds can be sown every few weeks from March onwards for a regular supply. You can make an early start in late February by sowing indoors and planting out under cloches in March. Beetroot seeds are relatively large and are easy to handle and space out along the row. Sow three seeds at 10cm (4in) spacings, 2.5cm (1in) deep, in rows 30cm (1ft) apart. Sow small batches at fortnightly intervals

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