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Borage Alba - Herb , Bugloss - White Star Flower

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Borago officinallis, Cultivated for Culinary & Medicinal Use, Historically cultivated for culinary & medicinal use although today it's mainly as an oilseed. As fresh veg with a cucumber-like taste, it’s often used in salads or garnishes. The Flower has a sweet honey-like taste & will still draw & remains the firm favourite of the bees. Leaves were originally used in Pimms before it was replaced by mint or if steeped would impart a coolness making a refreshing & restorative summer tea. In companion planting, it protects and nurses’ legumes, spinach, brassicas, & even strawberries,, Seed Count Approx - 40 to 45 avg

 SOWING - Flourishes in ordinary soil. Propagated by division of rootstocks in spring & by putting cuttings of shoots in sandy soil in a cold frame in summer & Fall or from seeds sown in fairly good, light soil, from middle Spring, in drills 18 inches apart, Annual

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