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Flowers , Eryngium - (Rare) 'White Watling Street thistle'
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Flowers , Eryngium - (Rare) 'White Watling Street thistle'
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Eryngium campestre, Rare Compact & Edible with White Flower Heads, Medicinal HERB - also known as Field Eryngo is an extremely Scarce & Rare British native evergreen perennial, Compact (2 ft) tangled structure of stiff, spiky blue-grey thorny leaves with WHITE Globular flower heads on show from July to Sept, normally grows near the sea scattered over sites in S. England & Channel Islands & first recorded in 1662 by John Ray in Devon. Historically used in herbalism as an infusion to treat coughs, whooping cough & urinary infections, whilst young shoots & roots eaten cooked or candied. Sow seeds at any time of the year, they need several months, sometimes up to a year in cold, damp compost, (NOT DRY IN A FRIDGE) before they germinate., Seed Count Approx - 60 avg
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