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Aubergine (Egg Plant) , Long & Slender Oriental - Green Knight

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Solanum melongena, Indian / Oriental type eggplant, (F1) - An Oriental / Indian type long slender green eggplant like no other. Long and narrow like a banana, with its unique shimmery, precious green skin. These alluring, delicious fruits are culinary wonders: to be savoured roasted, sautéed or baked; or served fresh for tantalizing hors-d’oeuvres. Disease-resistant compact 34 to 36-inch plants produce an early harvest, with opulent yields of irresistible 7-inch x 1.5 to 3-inch green fruits. Best in a greenhouse., Seed Count Approx - 15 avg
 SOWING - Sow the seed into compost in a seed tray at a temp between 20-24C and cover with a light layer of compost. Cover compost with clear plastic film to help raise the temp during germination. Once seedlings appear, they do not need as much heat, only 18C by day and no lower than 16C at night. Re-pot in stages before final pot size. Water regularly but be careful not to overwater.

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