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Melon , Mangomel Sweet (Light Beige Oval)

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Cucumis melo, Oval light beige sweet melon, (F1) This delightful new oval-shaped melon could brighten up your melon moment with a tropical island flair. Mnangomel offers a soft, light beige skin when ripe & an orangey-mango inside flesh, all bundled together to bring a welcoming soft melon fragrance & coupled with its high Brix (sweetness) percentage, presents a unique, yet classy, tropical island feel, with tastes somewhat reminiscent of the sweetness & flavours of a good quality Charentais. Mmmm nice! Bred for cooler greenhouse or tunnel climates in Northern Europe, so will suit all those up North or even down South. 80 days, 4 to 5 pounds weight., Seed Count Approx - 24 avg

SOWING - Sow 2 to 3 seed 'inside' mid-spring into 3-in pots & standard potting compost. Thin to 2 strong seedlings, After two to three true leaves, plant out in cold glasshouse into grow bags or well-prepared ground (inside) with organic matter. Create some support, tying the strongest shoot & pinch out side shoots.

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