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Pak Choi - Oriental Salad , Colourful Crunchy Rainbow Mix

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Brassica Rapa var chinensis,  Cool Weather Cut & Come Again, With this mix growing in your patch, it won't be just another colourless night at the Chinese! Chopstick your way into this well-balanced blend of green stem, white stem, golden yellow, and red leaf Pak choi, presented in a rainbow of colours to tempt your eyes as well as your appetite, Pick it small as Cut & come again or grow it out for a full meal, Seed Count Approx - 350 avg 

 SOWING -  Sow seed in moist compost from March to Sept in small pots or cells. You can also sow directly in the ground, but seedlings can be devoured by slugs. ...  When seedlings are 5cm tall, plant them out into a moisture-retentive soil, firming in well. ... You can harvest the young leaves after 30 days, to add to salads. Can be sown thru winter as 'cut and come again'  under protection (Greenhouse). Likes good drainage & air circulation

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