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Kale , Curly - Dwarf 'Scarlet Purple'

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Brassica oleracea Acephala, (Pre 1865) Scotch Purple, Dwarf Curlies, Hardiest & best veg to grow in cold, windswept, unsheltered gardens, even with poor wet soils, but happier plots can enjoy it too! Highly decorative, deeply curled, crimson almost purple leaves will show more colour as colder weather comes. Can be eaten as a 'salad leaf' or left to mature into winter, supplying fresh winter greens when they can often be scarce. Hardy, Good source of Vitamins, Seed Count Approx - 200 avg 

  SOWING - Sow in the spring under protection for an Autumn Crop. Sow in small pots then transplants at 2 to 3 leaves to 60 cm apart into final position following a Peas or Broad Bean rotation. Plant again in late July / Aug for a late winter harvest. For best results, loosen the soil with a fork, (no fertilizer) & smooth with a rake. Extremely Hardy, It's best NOT TO SOW brassica seeds directly where you plan to plant them in order to reduce the risk of club-root which can be a real menace.

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