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Cress, Land (American) , American or Land Cress

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Barbarea verna, Shady Upland Cress - Cut & come again, Land cress is a fast-growing substitute for watercress, with a similar taste, smaller leaf and a long cropping period – over the winter if desired, yet doesn’t need to grow in water ….. Cultivated as a leaf vegetable in the UK since the 17th century, that rare find - veg that actually prefers shade & grows on land (Still likes the moist), but not in water. Tastes close to watercress, but more peppery & subtle & enjoyed more when picked young. Use sparingly in salads or as a spinach substitute. HARDY, perennial - Cut & Come again, Seed Count Approx - 550 avg 

  SOWING - Sow direct March / June for summer use, July / Aug for winter cropping. Will do full sun but prefers partial shade & frequent watering in any garden unless near a direct source of water, trim and eat raw or treat as spinach

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