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Broccoli Raab - Leaf Top , Cima di Rapa - Maceratese

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Brassica rapa, Sprouting Turnip Top, Cut & Come again. Raab is in essence is a turnip top green that makes a small head, 'usually', BUT THIS RAPA DOES NOT form a head; it's normally grown for its leaves which are large and succulent and much more numerous than in the heading types. These have really nice tender stems. Grows best in spring or fall but can be grown through the summer. You do NOT have to grow it in cool weather. Succession plant weekly for continuous harvest. 50-55 days. Harvest before flowers open. Ht: 18-24 inches tall. Harvest by cutting off the leaves; the more you cut, the more they produce., Seed Count Approx - 200+ avg
SOWING - Grown pretty much like broccoli. direct seed them or use transplants. Space 12-16 in a row, 12 in between rows. Set them out any time in Spring or Summer; you are not growing them for heads, so don’t worry about temperature. Harvest (Snip) like lettuce

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