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Flowers , Poppy Mix - Peony Ruffled & Doubles

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Papaver sominiferum, Brilliant Colors of Ruffled & Double Poppies, Papaver Somniferum - An unusual mix from an American breeder, Brilliant colours of ruffled and doubled peony poppies on 3-foot stems--king's crimson, midnight violet, purple lilac, shocking pink, and snowflake white. Suitable for fresh cutting, seed pods are a choice for dried arrangements, Plant in the late Autumn or early spring; the seed will not germinate in hot conditions. Annual., Seed Count Approx - 300+ avg
SOWING - Sow covering lightly. Keep moist until seedlings appear. Space seeds 3-4 ins apart, no need to thin out. 20 ins between rows. Prefers poor soil, if too rich, foliage is produced at expense of flowers. Once established requires little attention. Annual

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