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Good King Henry , Goosefoot (Fat Hen) - Herb

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Chenopodium bonus-henricus, Shady Hardy Perennial, Easy-to-grow Perennial herb rich in iron & vitamin C, think of it as a sort of perennial spinach; Stems up to 2 feet tall bear dark green, succulent, arrow-shaped leaves with slightly wavy edges, which can either be added to salads or cook in stews & treat older leaves as mild spinach. Spikes of tiny greenish flowers appear from May to Sept. In early spring, pencil-thick shoots push up from the fleshy, branching roots, & these are prized, as a substitute for asparagus. Hardy Perennial, prefers a shady spot, (Originally called Fat Hen as it was used to fatten up the hens), Seed Count Approx - 250 avg 

  SOWING - Planted in a fertile, sunny spot Sow in early spring into seed trays, cover in perlite & planted out in a fertile, sunny spot in late spring 30cm apart when they are large enough to handle. You can sow directly into beds in late spring. Grows in most fairly moist soils & full sun, but will grow in dappled shade.

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