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Garlic Mustard - Herb , Jack-by-the-Hedge (Biennial)

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Alliaria petiolata,  (Moist Shade - Hardy), A common Hardy Biennial often found in hedgerows giving rise to the old folk name Jack-by-the-hedge & likes damp woodland. In 1st yr, it forms clumps of round, slightly wrinkled leaves, staying green through winter. The 2nd yr. plants flower in spring with tiny clusters of white florets (about 6 mm across), each with four rounded petals. The leaves are heart-shaped & smell of garlic when crushed. All parts are edible & used in cooking to flavour fish & meat & in salads & sauces such as pesto, also used in herbal medicine Ht: 2 ft, Seed Count Approx - 100 avg 

  SOWING - Reproduces only by seed & requires prolonged exposure to cold before it germinates, much like Wild Garlic. Seeds germinate in spring, forming low-growing rosettes of dark purple to green, kidney-shaped leaves with scalloped edges. Hardy, Prefers moist shade

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