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Feverfew - Herb , Tanacetum, Flirtwort or Featherfew

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Tanacetum parthenium, Aromatic Medicinal Herb, Perennial Short Bush, Aromatic Herb with clusters of button-like, white daisy flowers with yellow centres, reminiscent of daisies. This short bush (18 in high) perennial blooms between July & Oct & its citrus-scented pale greenish leaves attract hoverflies, (should be cut back to the ground in the Autumn). As a herb, ‘feverfew’ derives from Latin febrifugia, meaning "fever reducer. "Has been used as a herbal treatment to reduce fever & to treat headaches, arthritis & digestive problems, Winter Hardy (Planted round dwellings, it’s said to purify the air & ward off disease), Seed Count Approx - 750 avg 

  SOWING - Sow inside Feb to Mar, thinned out to 2 to 3 in between & planted out early June to permanent quarters, allowing a foot or more between the plants & 2 ft between the rows, selecting, if possible, a showery day for the operation. Will establish quickly

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