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Kailaan, Kichi Salad Leaf , Chinese Kale or Chinese Broccoli

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Brassica oleracea alboglabra, Chinese Kale or Chinese Broccoli / White Flowered, A traditional open-pollinated salad leaf vegetable that has been grown throughout central & south-east Asia as a staple in Asian cuisine for many generations, It's renowned for its crinkled stems & small compact erect dainty florets, looking like & tasting like an untidy cross between sprouting broccoli & asparagus. Great cooked in many different ways including blanched, steamed, or stir-fried, Its all edible from its leaves, long, pencil-thin, red-purple, firm, crunchy budded flower stems & even its flower Buds & White flowers. Perennial grown as an annual its very easy to grow, either sown direct or in a seed bed, from early spring to late autumn - hardy & will keep producing undercover. Also a good source of Vitamin C, antioxidants & phytonutrients., Seed Count Approx - 250 avg

 SOWING - From April to Oct at 3 to 4 weekly intervals - Lightly surface scatter with a thin covering and gently water in,(under Warm protection in cooler periods),. Harvest when approx. 8-10cm (3-4") high, by clipping with scissors; the plants will re-grow and can be trimmed several times,  the flowers look great too just growing in the Garden!

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