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Kale , Jersey 'Walking Stick' - Aka:Marrowstem (Short-lived Perennial)

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Brassica oleracea longata, Broad Leafed - Short Lived Perennial, (Circa 1700) (Brassica oleracea Acephala arborescent) - Famous Channel Islands heirloom forage kale (Sometimes called a Jersey Marrowstem Cabbage or a Portuguese Walking Stick) makes a tall, straight stem, 2m (6ft) tall topped with a rosette of edible leaves. When the stems mature in the autumn, they can be cut, carved & varnished to make walking sticks. (Hardy) Plants left in a 2nd yr. may increase in Ht to over 2m (6 ft). As they grow, the leaves are stripped off the sides of the stalk & can be cooked as kale or cabbage.. Very Hardy, Seed Count Approx - 95 to 100 avg

 SOWING - Sow in the spring under the protection of an Autumn Crop. Sow in small pots then transplant at 2 to 3 leaf to 60 cm apart into final position following a Peas or Broad Bean rotation. Plant again in late July / Aug for a late Winter harvest. For best results, loosen the soil with a fork, (no fertilizer) & smooth it with a rake. Extremely Hardy, It's best NOT TO SOW brassica seeds directly where you plan to plant them in order to reduce the risk of club-root which can be a real menace.

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