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Leek , Bleu (blue) Solaise 'French Heirloom'

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Allium ampeloprasum var porrum, Strappingly Handsome Blue French Heirloom, A strappingly handsome 'Very Hardy' Blue French heirloom, it's one of the great visual punctuators of the veg plot, Large white shafts are topped with an architectural cockade of elegantly arching, pale blue leaves with a black streak, turning violet in the fall. Sweet flavour, such elegant wording for such a beautiful-looking and tasting plant. Cold-resistant, Not only is the leek a well-known tasty winter vegetable, but its root system has the added advantage of improving heavy soils., Seed Count Approx - 250+ avg

 SOWING - Best suited for growing in open ground, sowing direct mid-spring (after frosts), sowing seeds thinly, 1cm deep, in rows 15cm apart. If you don’t have space outdoors or only want a few leeks, you can sow in modules indoors in early spring then transplant outdoors later. Sow one seed per module. Gently draw up dry soil around the plants in stages as they grow, Water during long dry spells, and weed regularly.

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