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Mooli - Japanese Daikon (Radish) , White Summer Cross

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Spring into Summer Sown, Raphanus sativus var longipinnatus - Japanese type Radish - 50 to 60 days. (Daikon” is “radish” in Japanese) This is a Spring into Sumer Sown for a Summer into Autumn harvesting Mooli as you find in Asian grocers, The 2 in wide, 8-10 in long uniform roots are pure white inside & out, Its flesh is crisp, tender and has a mildly peppery taste, yet sweet and juicy. Can be eaten raw or cooked, steamed or fried.. Slice them for stir-fries & salads, cooking, or pickling. Sow and grow as you would turnips - Sow successively from April through early August (Spring into Summer). Will tolerate partial shade, but better in sun, Seed Count Approx - 45 to 50 avg

 SOWING - Sow & grow as you would turnips - Best sown successively from early April through late July directly in their final bed. Will tolerate partial Shade, Sow seed thinly, about 1 in apart, in shallow drills 6 in apart, thin before they get overcrowded

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