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Onion , Oval shaped, Long, Deep Red, Florence

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Allium cepa, Oval Shaped - (19th c - Tuscany) Italian Heirloom - Beautiful long bottle-shaped full-sized bulbs up to 5 inches long, ripening to a beautiful purpley dark red hue with long mild green stems, Mild & sweet flavours, wonderful when plucked & chopped raw, Picked small & straight into your salads or allow to grow on for a full-size cooking delight (100 days) & can be sown in spring & in milder climates another in Autumn, Stores well, Seed Count Approx - 155 avg
 SOWING - Direct sow into any firm soil. Sow thinly into rows 1 cm deep spaced 30cm apart. Avoid sowing into recently manured soil. If the ground is very wet plant into raised beds. When large enough to handle thin to 25cm spacing. Or sow early indoors under protection at 10mm deep in small pots for transplanting later. Keep onions well weeded with shallow cultivation.

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