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Onion , Spring, White Lisbon 'Cold Spell' Hardy

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Allium cepa, Winter over - Salad Onion,  (Circa 1882) Quick growing - from planting to picking in 10 weeks, A traditional hardy crisp bunching salad spring onion with smooth white ends (Does not form bulbs) and tall thin dark green leaves, both with a well known mild flavour.  (Plant in 3 wk. intervals from March) Cold hardy - Harvest all - year round

Recommended by the RHS to be an excellent attractant and nectar source for bees and other beneficial insects if allowed to 'go over and flower (so if you have room, Leave any plants IN that have gone too far rather than pulling them out straight away)., Seed Count Approx - 135 avg
 SOWING - Can be sown from Mar to Oct in 3-week intervals. Quick growing - 10 wks from planting to picking, Sow in rows 6in apart. Thinning is not required but ensure soil is kept moist in dry conditions, Harvest all - year round

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