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Pak Choi - Oriental Salad , Tatsoi Winter Rosette - TahTsai

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Brassica rapa var rosularis, Winter Hardy, Strongly resistant to cold weather. Sown in Spring and Autumn, very winter hardy, A unique appearance - spoon-shaped dark green leaves arranged in a rosette of concentric circles during the warm months and a short, flattish rosette of small white spoon-shaped stalks during winter month, with the same spicy flavours. Young leaves are very delicious & can be harvested anytime during growth. Use the nutritious, mild, mustardy leaves in salads or stir-fry, Seed Count Approx - 350 avg
SOWING - Sow outdoors from April to Aug in a sunny position in fertile soil. Sow seeds thinly, 2cm deep, in rows 30–38cm apart – the wider distance is best for growing semi-mature to full-sized plants. Earlier and later sowings, to produce baby leaves, can also be made under cloches or fleece in mild areas. Sow little & often. In warm the plant is erect, but in cold, the plant forms flat rosettes

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