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Radish , French Breakfast - Oblong

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Raphanus sativus, (Circa 1885)  French Market Scarlet - Introduced before 1885, this variety was a favourite among French market gardeners, who considered it both attractive and tasty. Its beautiful colour makes it one of the most attractive for table use, while its superior quality recommends it to all. It is of quick growth, medium size, the colour red, tipped with white, olive shape, crisp and tender, delicately flavoured flesh, free from coarseness or any harsh biting qualities" A splendid variety on account of earliness & attractive colour. Ready for table use in 24 days, Seed Count Approx - 150 avg 

  SOWING - Needs Sun, Sown 2 - 3 weeks before the last frost. Plant half-inch deep & apart in rows 1 foot apart. Keep thinning until one inch apart like carrots, so radishes can expand. Keep moist but not soggy until germination, then slightly moist to prevent them from going pithy. Successive sow every 2 - 3 weeks through the season into early summer, skip the heat of summer and sow once more in early autumn.

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