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Radish , Round Black Spanish - Cool Season (New to Us)

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Raphanus sativus, Gros Noir d' Hiver - Very Hot Black Round, Gros Noir d' Hiver - Ancient Spanish round radish dates in Europe to 1548 & common garden variety in England & France in the early 19th century. Fine round-rooted orb, with deep, near-black skin & snowy-white flesh with a smooth, hot pungent flavour, good raw or cooked. Excellent storability, keeping right through the winter. Originally used as an antioxidant & beneficial to digestion (about 4 in dia), Very Hot flavours, Seed Count Approx -  120 avg

  SOWING - 60 days - Sow from Mid August onwards into autumn for harvest all winter. Likes the cool so any earlier sowings will bolt (Don’t forget to thin them as they grow and pick small for better flavours)

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