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Rocket , Turkish Rocket (Hardy)

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Bunias orientalis, Hardy, Edible greens, One of the hardiest & long-lived winter salad greens. The main edible part is the young florets that can be harvested and cooked like a broccoli raab, yet, Similar to Wild Rocket in style with a darker edible ‘cut & come again’ leaf that picked young & eaten raw, has a pungent hot flavour like mustard greens. The large strap-like leaves are usually prepared as a slightly cooked green with a nutty pungent, mustardy broccoli flavour. This provides the first & last greens of the season, The Turks quick-stew it in tomato juice; finely chopped & it adds bite, blended with dips or spreads. A good substitute for annual kale and collards, Ht: to 2 to 3 ft & incredibly drought-resistant, Soil type not important., Seed Count Approx - 20 avg
 SOWING - Sow all thru year in a cold frame or under protection as germination is can be slow. Prick out seedlings into pots & plant out. Can also be sown in situ in the early summer, though the seedlings are rather prone to slug damage. Hardy Perennial, Sun / Light Shade, Soil type not important but poor soil is better.

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