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Samphire, Rock , Cliff Fennel (Circa 40-90 AD)

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Crithmum maritimum, Succulent, Small Bushy, Hardy Perennial, Circa 40-90 AD - Wonderfully succulent, small bushy, hardy perennial, with fleshy, grey-green foliage. Tender new shoots have a salty-aromatic flavour and have been used as salads since antiquity, or pickled to be eaten later by Sailors to supplement their diets at sea & they are rich in vitamin C, essential oils, trace elements & minerals, Though seldom found far from the sea & usually growing on steep cliffs or sandy beaches, it is very adaptable to a variety of typical garden soils, as long as it’s allowed to dry out & there is no standing water - Hardy Perennial, Seed Count Approx - 65 avg 

  SOWING - Sow under protection in Fall or early spring, in a sandy, well-drained mix & lightly cover the seed, plant out after frost. Eat June to Sep. Full sun, sheltered from cold winds, and salty soil/air is fine, Flowered stems are cut back hard (to base) keeping it compact

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