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Savoury - Winter , Perennial Spicy Herb

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Satureja montana, (Circa 1562) - Perennial Spicy flavour, Unlike its counterpart summer savoury, this perennial herb has a bold spicy flavour. A 1 ft, dark green, hardy mixing herb, blends well with other herbs to spice up meat & poultry, Savoury is so well known as a peppery herb in flavour since Saxon times that it has come to denote not only the herb itself but is synonymous with tasty & flavourful foods,…. Also has beautiful pink flowers in summer, Seed Count Approx - 600 avg

 SOWING - Sow seeds outside in spring and late summer into early Autumn, thinning to six inches. Plants need a sunny location and look good in rock gardens, Medicinally used as a tonic and digestive
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