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Sea Kale , Lily White

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Crambe maritima, (1st C ) Edible, Hardy & Resembles Asparagus, Originally pickled by Romans to prevent scurvy, edible, hardy & resembles asparagus, 2 ft high, with large, pale glossy green leaves. The edible young, tender whitened shoots arise with frothy white flowers that attract butterflies & insects. As mature shoots emerge in spring, they are "blanched" to exclude light & harvested when 4-5 in long, crisp, & tender. Seed designed to float on the sea for years, so poke with a pin before soaking to help germination, Seed Count Approx - 10 avg

  SOWING - The corky seeds enable them to float at sea for yrs. So, germination can be slow! Poke with a needle then Soak Overnite & sow half an inch deep in moist soil mid-spring, either in seed trays, pricking out as they grow, or in a seedbed for transplanting, Transplant your seedlings after the danger of frost has passed. Leave about 16 inches of spacing between the plants, very hardy once established

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