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Spinach , Perpetual Spinach 'Erbette'

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Beta vulgaris subsp flavescens, 'Cut & Come again', A really wonderful leaf - cool-weather spinach somewhere between a true salad leaf & perpetual spinach & can be used as either. We weren’t expecting much from it when we grew it for the 1st time but it's delicious, very reliable & presents itself very well. A traditional Italian leaf, with edible dark green stems & less savoyed leaf (less crinkled),& overall a slightly milder taste than true spinach, plus won't bolt in the heat. Although not as hardy as some perpetual spinach's, It will do mild winters & does take equally well to cut-and-come-again harvesting., Seed Count Approx - 120 avg
SOWING - Sow directly outdoors into the ground starting early Spring and/or Autumn. Cover seeds with 1/2 in of soil. Soak seed 24 hours prior to planting in warm water. Continually harvest top 3 or 4 in of stems & leaves thru the year, Best with some protection during the colder periods (Cloche / Greenhouse)

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