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Squash , Japanese Blue Kuri Kabocha

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Cucurbita maxima, Japanese Blue Hokaido or Kabocha, Circa Pre 1500's - Portuguese sailors introduced kabocha to Japan in 1541, bringing it with them from South America (or possibly Cambodia). A traditional open-pollinated & greatly misunderstood onion or pear drop shaped (like its orange brother 'Uchiki Kuri') a medium-sized, fine-grained Oriental Bluey-Green skinned squash from Japan, better known as a Kabocha or Japanese Pumpkin. Golden creamy inside flesh with a drier, exceptionally sweet flavour & Chestnutty taste. The plant grows well on rich soil & should be well-watered during growth. Very productive and beautiful, keeps well thru winter, Seed Count Approx - 6 avg

 SOWING - Squash will not germinate in cold soil & needs a warm spot, well-drained & fertile soil with plenty of composted organic matter to conserve moisture;. Planting should be delayed until the soil has warmed (can be started in greenhouse mid-March onward, plant out end Mayish), Sow directly insitu after the threat of frost has passed. Sow one inch deep in hills or rows spaced 24 to 36 in apart, Harvest just before frosts when the stems dry & turn brown.

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