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Tomato , Coeur-de-Bue (Beef heart) 'Last Few'

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Solanum lycopersicum, Rose-pinky Red, Outside (Cordon), - With its opulent, unusual Ox heart shape & a rustic look, these bring forgotten flavours back into fashion. Large, rose-pinky red fruit with slight points on the bottom & beautiful fluting at the stem end; the flesh is slightly acidic, strong flavoured, meaty, with very few seeds making it good for slicing & impeccable sauces. Vigorous, indeterminate vine; An old-fashioned home garden favourite, Inside or Out (is best), 85 days, Seed Count Approx - 15 avg
 SOWING - Surface-sown or covered only slightly, Don't allow to dry out but don’t overwater. Keep warm until germination (10 days approx), move to WARM bright light area. After about last frost, transplant out into protected growing pots. Plants need staking & side-shoots removing. Will grow as well inside or out & not fussy about Pots or open ground, Just depends on your needs & space.

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