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Flowers , Chinese Lantern - Physalis

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Physalis alkekeng v franchetii,  Winter Cherry, - largely grown for its vividly coloured, orange-red, lantern-shaped fruits that can be cut and dried and used for dried bouquets. Tiny, creamy-white flowers from July to Aug followed by bright orange-scarlet berries enclosed by papery, red casings (calyx's) & mid-green, heart-shaped leaves. Chinese lanterns are perfect for providing autumn interest in well-drained areas of the garden & if left, these become skeletonised, Deciduous Perennial, Seed Count Approx - 175 avg 

  SOWING - Sow directly outdoors after the danger of frost has passed. Cover with a thin layer of soil. Continue plantings at 3-wk intervals through June for continuous colour. When plants are about 2 in tall thin to 8 to 12 in apart. Does not transplant well, Sunny Spot

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