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Flowers , Nicotiana White "Only the Lonely"

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Nicotiana affinis, Woodland Tobacco, South American short-lived perennial with sticky, large, pale green leaves & thick stems. It produces an abundance of nodding, large 5-6 in long, pristine white trumpet-shaped blossoms that are produced from late summer to autumn, (sometimes tinged with pink or purple flowers) that open in the evening & release their sweet, exotic scent so as to attract pollinating moths, then close in full sun, will lightly self-seed, Seed Count Approx - 1000+ avg 

  SOWING - Sow indoors from Feb to May in growing cells or pots that have been filled to within 6mm of the top with moistened seed compost. Sprinkle as thinly as possible & press gently into surface. Do not cover the seeds, as it needs light to germinate, Transplanting out after two pairs of leaves formed . .From sowing to flowering is about 10 weeks (Self-seeding Annual/ short-lived perennial), grows best in Light Shade

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