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Flowers , Stocks 'Night Scented' (Light Purple Fragrant Flowers)

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Matthiola bicornis, Light Purple Fragrant Flowers, This has a very powerful fragrance! Ok, so your think I’ve heard it before & been disappointed! But not this time!. What it doesn't have in looks more than makes up for it in the ‘knock you over’ fragrance that only happens at night. Perfect for a night-blooming garden, you’ll truly be shocked at its strong fragrance! So easy to grow too! Hardy Annual, Ht:6 to 12 inches, Light Purple flowers (21 to 28-day germination), Seed Count Approx - 400 avg 

  SOWING - Can be scattered directly onto the soil between end Mar to end Jun. Lightly raked in & watered, seeds should readily germinate & produce flowers from July to Oct, They thrive in the sunshine & are ideal for raised beds, containers and the front of borders.

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