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Flowers , Sweet Viola (Wildflower Violet)

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Viola Odorata, Sweet Scented 'Semi-evergreen Perennial', German Introduction 1900 - (named from its sweet scent), a compact, mat-forming, semi-evergreen perennial with heart-shaped, dark-green leaves & from late winter into spring, long upright stems bearing fragrant, sweetly scented, single, deep violet flowers, suitable for cutting and forcing. Delightfully happy in woodland settings in some shade, or in a bit of sun with adequate moisture. Butterflies love to flutter about violas finding them a ready source of food. Tolerates clay. Ht: 6 to 8 in. uses for naturalizing, and edging, in rock & alpine gardens or perennial borders. )Violets are most often used as woodland or rock garden plants. Violas and pansies take sun or slight shade), Seed Count Approx - 40 avg 

  SOWING - Sow insitu in autumn or in very early spring. Seeds require exposure to frost before they germinate, Pinch back before flowering to prevent legginess & divide every 3 yrs in spring or autumn. Cut Back old Spring foliage by half in autumn.

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