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Dipsactus sativus sylvestrus, Goldfinch Love these Erect Biennial Plants, Goldfinch loves these fine, architectural, erect biennial, plants in the garden. Spiny flowerheads rise out of the prickly rosette of leaves in summer, then are covered in purple flowers. They dry to an attractive shade of brown & make fine dried flowers for arrangements, Also called Venus’s basin, because of the way rainwater collects at the base of leaves, where the leaf & the stem together form a little bowl.. In Chinese medicine, this herb is also used for promoting energy & blood circulation., Seed Count Approx - 180 avg
SOWING - Biennial, sow by early Summer where they are to flower the following year. Will self-seed. Sunny, Most soils. Scatter seeds evenly over the soil surface, cover the seeds with a very thin layer of compost & transplant out when rosette-shaped

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