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Flowers, Sweet Pea , 'Our Harry' Spencer - Fragrant

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Lathyrus odoratus, Beautiful Blue Mauve - Long Stem / Large Flower, (Circa 1987 ) Fragrant - Long-stemmed & large-flowered -Good stems with well-configured heads of a vivacious blue mauve or pale purplish hue, The petals are stoutly reflexed, mildly tousled and have that intense hue with the colour fading along the edges. Raised by FG Davis, Faultless (First class certificate 1985), Ht: 5 to 6 ft, Treat as an Annual, Seed Count Approx - 13 avg
 SOWING - Plant late autumn or early spring in pots & provide winter protection (Cold greenhouse - not heat), plant out in early spring after frosts for best blooms. Plant each seed in starter pot, water once & only again after shoot appears, then water & feed regularly thereafter. Use a good quality compost and plant them about 1cm deep, cover with compost and water them well

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